How to watch the Monogatari series


Hi guys, so I recently started to watch the Monogatari-series, but as uninformed as I was, I almost began with the wrong anime. Now you may ask yourself how I could start with the wrong one in the first place…well I tried to watch it in chronological order, and no, that’s not the correct order. If you want to watch the Monogatari series in the way that it was meant to be watched you need to follow the releasese order.

I will tell you more about why you should watch it like this and not in chronological order in a moment, but first for those who are interested on watching the series or just knowing the correct order here it is:

1.Bakemonogatari (2009, 15 ep)

2.Nisemonogatari (2012, 11ep)

3.Nekomonogatari Kuro (2012, 4 ep)

4.Monogatari 2nd season (2013, 26 ep)

5.Hanamonogatari (2014, 5 ep)

6.Tsukimonogatari (2014, 4 ep)

7.Owarimonogatari (2015, 12 ep)

8. Koyomonogatari (2016, 12 short ep)

9. Kizumonogatari Tekketsu (film)

10. Kizumonogatari Nekketsu (film)

11.Kizumonogatari Reiketsu (film)

13.Owarimonogatari 2nd season (2017, 7ep)


The reason why you should watch it in the release order:

First of all, the novels themselves aren’t in chronological, yet that still doesen’t mean anything, right?….Well, there is a logic behind all of this and that is the following: While Bakemonogatari the first series released is not the first from a chronological point of view there is a real reason why you should watch it before all the other Monogatari series…In Bakemonogatari we are introduced to the main characters and to the Monogatari-universe and style,which is actually a really unique style for an anime.

With Bakemonogatari we get to understand the concept of oditties, which represent the supernatural beings (gods, vampires, lower class monster) that can follow, curse or kill people or even transform a human into an oditty  itself. The concept of oditty develops even further with the following series which would make it hard for someone who hasn’t watched Bakemonogatri first to follow the plot of the other series.

In conclusion, you should watch the Monogatari series in the release order so you will be able to follow the evolution of the plot and characters correctly. So if you want to begin to watch or rewatch the Monogatari series just check the list above to know the correct order.

Thanks for reading, and if you think it was helpful, share it with your friends and family and have fun watching it together!


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