AllAboutAnime-what is it and why does it exist?


What is AllAboutAnime?

Well basically it will be a blog where I will talk mostly about anime but also other stuff about Japan. I will inform you about new upcoming animes every season but also older stuff, that I have already watched or am willing to watch in the future. This means that I will give honest reviews in which i will express my own opinion about the anime and will tell you if I think that it is or not worth watching, maybe I will also give it a rating, I don’t know for sure yet. I also plan on doing “top 10s” and “fun facts” posts.

Why does it exist? 

For starters I want to say that I’ve been a huge anime fan since fifth grade , when a friend of mine first introduced me to One Piece, which got me really hooked up and made me look for other animes on the internet. So the main reason for this blog is just that i want to talk to people about something that I am really passionate about and I don’t like doing stuff like that in the real life that much so I am trying to express my feeling for this wonderful animeworld trough this blog, so yeah…that is why it exists.

Lastly, I just want to tell you how happy and exited I am to begin posting content on this page and I hope you will enjoy reading it. If you ever want to ask me anything you can leave a comment on my posts or mail me at and I m gonna make sure to reply as fast as possible.




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