L or Yagami Light? SPOILERS

I think that every Death Note fan has asked himself this question at least once and have either sided with detective L or the high school student Light. In this post I will tell you who I personally think was right and why.

Who was right?

The two main characters L and Yagami have a very different opinion about what is the right thing to do. While L thinks that exposing the criminal and letting the authorities take care of the rest is enough, Light prefers to take not only the role of detective but also judge on himself and therefore he kills the people he personally thinks deserve to die.


In theory, Yagami’s way of applying justice to those who deserve it isn’t totally wrong. And by that I mean that murderers or rapists may deserve to not live anymore. In reality tho, there are many flaws in his way of thinking and doing things:

  • To begin with, he ended up killing not only bad guys but also police forces, private detectives, FBI agents and my favorite character in this series, Mello.Mello.jpg
  • Second of all, you can never be sure who is a bad guy and who isn’t…I mean even tho the system is made to protect the good people and to punish the bad guys there will always be some exceptions. There could be a guy who didn’t do anything wrong but still got jailed because of some false accuastion…it may be a rare case but it isn’t impossible. So Light may have killed not only criminals, but also innocent people.

Taking into consideration all those negative aspects of Yagami’s doing, I’m still not totally against it…I mean I can understand what he was thinking..he may have very well been aware of those sacrifices that needed to be made to reach his crime-less utopian world, that he was dreaming about, but still did it and did it alone, I mean he had Ryuk but let’s be real for a second, he wasn’t really on his side. Light was well aware of the sacrifices that needed to be made but still initiated the whole plot of the anime and he did it because he wanted to make the world a better place and I can respect that.main-qimg-05d32421ea35fd1b4a345b3d129cd481

Now on the other side, there was L, the detective, his mindset is basically that no one should have this godlike power to kill who he finds not worthy of living anymore and therefore started going after “Kira”. He is basically the total opposite of Yagami Light and he initiates the conflict between those two, as he “declares war” on Light. He is basically the good cop who values the justice system and has trust in it…at least more trust than in Kira.

In conclusion, if I had to pick one who was “right”…I would be forced to say L, I’m not that big of a L-fan, but if you take it logically, having just one man who decides who is bad and who isn’t is just so wrong. Let’s say Yagami Light will always make the right choices and he will  kill only the murderers and rapists…what will happen after his death? I mean the justice system won’t be too useful because they would have relied on Kira for many years and once people will find out that Kira is dead all the bad guys will let their anger that they’ve held up for so long out and this will result in chaos. Also, it’s just wrong to give a single man this much power. So yeah, I think L was right…and I say that as a Kira-fan.


So here it is, my personal opinion on this never-ending debate in the anime community. If you have a different opinion or agree with me leave a comment and tell me why you agree or disagree.

Thanks for reading!



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