The best anime couple ever!

Who is my favorite anime-couple ever?

If I had to choose one I would say Mirai Nikki’s best couple, no, not Yukiteru and the abusive Yuno, but Marco and Ai. Yep, Marco and Ai, I truly think that they are the best couple in any anime or any series ever.


Why do I think that?

Well, there are a number of reasons why I like them so much and I’m going to talk about each of the reasons in a moment, but first if you haven’t watched Mirai Nikki yet, then be aware of spoilers…before the parts that contain spoilers I will just write it in red so you can scroll past them and read the rest of this post without ruining your future watching experience.

Spoiler-First reason: The end of the incredible duo


For me actually this was the saddest part of the entire series. I couldn’t help but cheer for them as they fought against Yuno and Yukiteru, even tho I knew that they would lose, I didn’t want it to happen so I just hoped that somehow they will survive….and then, what I have anticipated, happened anyway. And I wanna say they both went hard..I mean they fought for as long as they could and Marco didn’t think of abandoning Ai even for a single second. One of their last lines that really sticked to me was when Marco told Ai while holding her as the tower collapsed: “I guess we won’t be living together forever as gods/ But still, this is forever too..”. Man, that’s powerful.

Major Spoiler-Second reason: The 3rd World- Marco and Aigiphy.gif


As we all know, the major plot-twist of the series was that Yuno actually comes from another world where she already won the games and became god one time and now she tries to also take over this world, just so she could spend more time with her love Yukiteru. So taking it logically, there must be an infinite number of worlds and in the 3rd world, the whole dairy-contest didn’t happen, so we can actually see what the lives of each dairy holder actually look like. And two of those dairy-holders are…Marco and Ai. In this 3rd we can see how their relationship would actually be if they didn’t encounter Deus and all the other characters. They are not different from any normal and happily couple but after seeing all that they have gone trough in the past episodes, this was exactly the ending that I needed and wished for them.

Main reason: Their backstory...well this isn’t a spoiler so I won’t put the sign here but if you don’t want to know anything about the plot than just skip to the conclusion of this article[Final8]Mirai Nikki - 17 (BD 10-bit 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)[CC928152].mkv_snapshot_01.35_[2013.05.01_02.55.11]

During Marco and Ai’s clash with the main characters we find out about their backstory, and well I can say that I didn’t expect it to be such a feels-trip. When Ai was still a little girl she was abandoned by her parents at the Sakurami Tower, where she meets Marco, an orphan boy, who invites her to live together with him at the Mother’s Village (an orphanage owned by the future 8th dairy owner).maxresdefault (2)

A few years forward, Ai started her first year in highschool and the two grow closer to each other, they start dating and revisit the Sakurami Tower, where Ai confesses to Marco that she wants to marry him in the Tower’s chapel. A few days later, Ai finds a letter, requesting her to go to a nearby factory. Thinking it was Marco, she follows the instructions and goes to that factory only to be ambushed and sexually assaulted by four boys…Sorry, I just want to make a pause here to tell you what a bunch of idiot rapists, that should have had their names written in the DeathNote, this 4 animals are, I’m gonna continue now…..So she gets ambushed by 4 guys but thankfully Marco manages to find her and beats the boys up and also ends up killing one of them, as he draws his knife out.Screenshot_20180709-202437

After the event, Marco wants to kill himself with the knife, but is stopped by Ai. Finally, the flashback ends, while they confess their love for one another and kiss on top of the Samurami Tower.Screenshot_20180709-202455

Although this is a tragic backstory, you just can’t help but feel even closer to them after hearing all they have gone together trough.

In conclusion, I think that the backstory is what actually makes me think they are the best anime couple ever. They are not the generic rom-com couple who just met in highschool and now they are head over heels in love with one another…Marco and Ai’s relationship is truly special and deep and it’s just incredible to see what they have overcome together as a couple and as a duo.

So yeah, this is my favorite couple in any series that I have watched. If you would also like to share your favorite anime-couple, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!





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